Where do unwanted books go?

Geeky Book Snob

A friend of mine posted on his Facebook page that he wanted to know where he could go to „get rid of unwanted books“.  I found his choice of the word ‚unwanted‘ caused me to immediately imagine a pile of sad books who had nowhere to go.  I responded to his post and demanded to know what the books ever did to him to make him no longer want them.   I thought of the book I finished not too long ago that many fellow bloggers suggested to me; The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and its ‚cemetery of forgotten books‘.  I thought they could go there but then realized it wasn’t that these books were forgotten, they were unwanted.  So where do unwanted books go?

He got numerous suggestions from other people – all of them suggesting second-hand stores which were great.  I realized then that second-hand stores were the orphanages of unwanted books and that…

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